About the artwork: The talented dancer and choreographer Flow Pizana has been transformed into an urban samurai and has a unique aura between calmness and tradition.


Paper: Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta is a bright white, cellulose-based FineArt inkjet paper with an inkjet coating specially tailored for FineArt use. The clearly visible, exquisite felt structure lends the paper its lovely soft feel and tactile surface texture to produce prints with a stunning three-dimensional quality and depth.


Sample pictures and equipment: only the print in the offered version is included. Frame, fittings, furniture and accessories are not included and are for illustrative purposes only. The size of the sample picture shown differs from the delivered size. The exact dimensions of the offered variants can be found in the size selection.

Print "Samurai Flow 3 of 4" on Hahnemühle paper

  • The paper is a high quality handmade paper and very delicate. It is recommended not to touch the print in the illustrated area. Keep the print away from dust and dirt.



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