Stories that need to be told.

The Hall of Knights

Great personalities, people who make a difference and their portraits for a good cause. These portraits of well-known personalities will be auctioned for the common good. 


The entire proceeds of those auctions will go to a charitable organization, individually chosen by the portrayed person. Each portrait will only be printed once. As a special edition they also come with a handmade frame. Launched in 2016, this project shall contribute to making the world a better place. Together. 

more will follow soon...

Insolvency of

Alpine Bau GmBH

Austrias biggest insolvency

7.000 employees

39.000 construction machines

2.500 vehicles.



Portraits of a team that handled the largest insolvency in Austrias economic history: The "Alpine bankruptcy".

Citizen of planet earth

Impressive people I met on planet Earth.

The World...

has breathtaking places. Here are some of them.

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