The dude behind the photographs.

Meet Markus

Portrait, editorial and personality are my forte. My passion for photography will always lead me new paths and will encourage me to develop my skill set further.

Personalities & Celebrities

I had the honor to portrait great personalities like:


Dr. Heinz Fischer, Gregor Schlierenzauer, Arabella Kiesbauer, Florian Gschwandtner, Felix Gottwald, Klaus Schwertner, Jakob Wöran, Lukas "Wendja" Plöchl, Daniela Zacherl, Sonja Klima and many more.

The equipment I work with...

because people are constantly asking me.

Basically, I started my career with Canon. I've worked my way through crop sensors to full-frame sensors. Finally, in 2019 I had a dream come true. I got my very first Hasselblad medium format camera. Both, medium format and the Hasselblad brand, have fascinated me for a long time. You can call it fate that I eventually ended up working with a Hasselblad camera.


Combining Hasselblad’s incredible image quality with the fast and reliable full-frame Canon, allows me to create remarkable photographs.


My work has been published in renowned magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Discover Germany, ​InStyle, London Evening Standard, The Beard Mag, Zeitmagazin, J’N’C Magazine, Woman Magazine and many more.​



Markus Bacher Photographer

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Vienna, Austria

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